Choppy audio on my new Doorbell Pro

It doesn’t matter. If we are sitting in our living room and try to talk over the local WiFi with an RSSI of -41, which it outstanding, the bandwidth is 150Mbps. If voice is garbled at that speed, then it’s an issue with the product itself and needs a firmware update. Very disappointed at not only the garbled voice on the phone app, but also the sound at the doorbell is too faint.

I installed a Ring Doorbell Pro about two weeks ago. It was connected to the 2.x GHz band of my WiFi network because it said the signal was the stronger of the two. The audio was so choppy it was nearly unintelligible and the video was punctuated with occasional freezes and dropouts…

Tonight I decided to switch to the 5.x GHz band and - instantly - both audio and video are crystal clear in both live as well as recorded video.

I do not blame Ring/Google nor the firmware authors and engineers. I think it is totally a WiFi issue. The 2.x GHz frequencies are just too congested from computers, calculators, phones, games, watches, refrigeratos, to pacemakers and microwaves. . . . and now video doorbells ;o).


Thanks, I appreciate your timely post. I also just installed a Video Doorbell Pro and had unsatisfactory video/audio despite a strong wi-fi signal. So I followed your solution and voila! Much improved video/audio.

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Thanks for posting this solution, just wondering how you switch Ring doorbell to 5.x ghz? Does your router broadcast 2 different WiFi for 2.x and 5.x ghz?
I’m using Nest WiFi so there is no way to separate them…

Thanks for the info on changing the device’s band. I checked and mine is also on 2.4 ghz. How do I change the device’s band to 5 ghz? Thanks

Hi neighbors! Changing your wifi connection type is as easy as performing a new setup in the Ring app. You can even visit the device health and select “change network”. During the final step of this process, please be sure to select the desired 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz network. Your wifi networks should broadcast these with unique SSID for differentiating.

As a recommendation, 5 Ghz does not perform as well as 2.4 Ghz over large distances or through solid objects. For this reason, most will use the 2.4 Ghz frequency. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Just wanted to share that I had same issues everyone is experiencing and realized my router was using my ISP’s DNS. I switched to on router, rebooted router, and all my connection issues have been resolved. Hope this helps someone.

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I wanted to follow up on my previous post. After years of dealing with choppy audio, with Ring sending me a new doorbell and a TON of troubleshooting on my end, including upgrading my doorbell transformer…

I changed from AT&T internet, which averaged 40 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up, to Spectrum cable of 400 down / 20 up, and for the first time I have clean audio.

My RSI number (wi-fi strength) is even a little lower than it usually is.

My wireless router is the same, only the modem changed, so it seems it was always about the internet up speed, even though Ring customer service confirmed multiple times that my up speeds reported as acceptable.

I just set up my new Ring 3 Plus. In testing it the audio is very choppy as well as the video. I tested the WIFI signal at the doorbell and it reads 83%. I can watch a HD movie with my Samsung tablet while standing right next to it with no issues. I tried changing the channel on my DSL router but that didn’t make any difference. All the YouTube videos I watched before purchasing it were seamless and clear. From what I am reading here it looks like I’m pretty much stuck with it. For $230. it would be nice to actually speak to the person at the door though.