Chirps in armed modes

New to Ring just set it up yesterday. It LOOKS like you can setup the door chirps to sound when in armed and to not sound when disarmed. I’ve set them to not sound when disarmed and that works but the door chirps never sound when armed. It seems like the countdown notice to alarm overrides the chirps.

How we want to use the system:
I have a 5yr old daughter with special needs and we want to be notified and awoken if she decides to open an outside door. I would like chirps during the day so I know if doors are opening and closing but I don’t want the volume to be too high because some members leave the house while others are sleeping so I don’t want the chirps waking people up. If I could set to disabled while coming and going and then turn the chirps on that would be great. At night when home I can use the countdown as the notice that a door opened (but I need the volume louder than the chirps) and have time to catch her and also disable the alarm so I don’t have to wake the whole house with the siren. If I need to let the dog out at night I don’t need the armed/disarmed audio waking anyone up. If I could disable it or bypass the door I’m about to use that would be handy.

Things I would like.
Separate volume settings for the chirps vs sensor trip countdown.
Ability to adjust volume or disable the armed/disabled audio notice.
Ability do disable the siren when armed and just use chirps (or a new mode called chirps).
Ability to bypass a door temporarily while armed

Open to possibilities.

Hi @rmattson. The customization you’re looking for is not currently a feature for the Ring Alarm. My daughter, 4, is a sleepwalker. What I’ve done is put a Contact Sensor on her door and set it up to play Chirps but not be monitored so it won’t set off the siren. This works for us, but I do have to manually adjust things when I don’t want volume, etc.

I suggest adding this to our Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place.