Chirps + Chime

Hi everyone

I was wondering, if i got the Chime or Chime pro- will it Chirp when one of my sensors is open like the base statin. I know the keypad will, but i dont really need another keypad, i really just need to be able to hear the chirp on the second floor

Hey @russki1313. Thanks for asking! The new Chime and Chime Pro does not chirp from communication from the Alarm Devices, similar to the Base Station. Although, we have gotten this feedback in plenty and hope we can implement the wants of the neighbor for the future!

Best way to do this is with an Alexa device that works in conjunction with Ring Alarm. Routines can be setup to issue a sound or even have Alexa tell you verbally what was opened or closed or both. Echo Dots are cheap and effective companions to Ring

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