Chirping has stopped!

Seems a little strange this one. I had a play around with my camera settings, nothing else.

Then next time I went to answer the front door, the chirping is not sounding…

Checked within the app, all looks fine, sound selected, but nothing sounding. Checked to notifications for motion and they work fine - so the sensor’s not faulty.

Seems rather odd. Any ideas anyone?..

Thanks in advance!

Hi @whoisdoupe. I’d like to clarify, are you not receiving chirps from a Contact Sensor on your Ring Alarm system or are you referring to your Ring Doorbell or Ring Security Camera? As these settings will all be separate from each other. If you have chirp tones enabled for the Contact Sensor in question, the chirp tone should play from your Ring Base Station. Feel free to share a screenshot of your Contact Sensor settings in the Ring App so I can take a look as well. :slight_smile: