Chipping on the ring paint coming off

Has anyone experienced this. My rings doorbell is hanging up and the paint is chipping off and when I called customer service along with management told me they do not cover cosmetic issues it’s not covered under warranty. I’m extremely mad and was told to purchase another unit could anyone please reply if this has happened to them thank you

Hey @Tracie143, I’ve moved your post to this Video Doorbells board as it allows for more Doorbell users to see it, giving you a better chance at finding a solution for your concern. Feel free to respond with more details in regards to the device hanging up, as we may have some helpful recommendations to improve your experience with the Doorbell.

I would suggest to reach them out via chat at I’m pretty sure cosmetic issues are covered as long as you’re under warranty.

There not !!! Which is so surprising. I was so upset spoke to a manager and he said they Re not covered. I said that is insane and sent him a picture is the bell. He said it was not like it came that way !! I said well it’s all chip and i need a replacement. They offered me a discount to buy one. I escalated the issue to the executive team. Cause this is not acceptable

Hi, you didn’t say how old your doorbell is or what model? Maybe post. A picture so we can see what the damage is.