I just set up 3 indoor cams. I already have the doorbell, and 2 outdoor cams. Since todays set up i hear a chime every few minutes, i cannot figure ot where it’s coming from. Help.

Hi @Sej! You are likely hearing motion notification sounds of one or more of your Cameras. This is only possible through a Ring chime device, an Alexa enabled devices setup for announcements, or a mobile device with the Ring app installed.

If you have many devices in your home, there is an easy way to check if any other mobile device is signed in to your Ring account. In the Ring app, open the menu and select Control Center; then select Authorized Client Devices. This will allow you to see and remove devices that you do not want to access your Ring app.

I recommend also checking for any shared users who might be receiving alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: