Chime won’t sound

I have two doorbells wired to a common chime. My new Ring won’t ring the chime, but my other doorbell does. I only installed one RingChime

Hi there, @ZonaDawg! To clarify, is this a wired mechanical chime kit that is not sounding, or is it a Ring Chime device that is not notifying?

It is the chime in the house which is wired in

Thanks for clarifying this, @ZonaDawg! The best next step will be to reference our wiring diagrams to see if one fits your Video Doorbell model. In many chimes there will be a front and rear terminal, in which the wiring would want to match up accordingly for both to sound the chime kit. Please also ensure the chime kit in use is on the Chime Compatibility list. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: