Chime volume

I installed my new Doorbell Pro with relative ease but found that the volume of the included Chime was so low that it was almost impossible to hear.

I called the UK help line and was connected to an agent called Wes.

He suggested a few things and connected to my system remotely to ensure that the volume was set to maximum.

He then told me to unplug the Chime and press the reset button.

Imagine my embarrassment when I realised that I had failed to remove the shrink wrap plastic from the Chime!

All is now well and the Chime will wake the dead!


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What shrink wrap from the chime?

I’ve just bought a Pro as well and had that installed yesterday, and the included chime sounds very low, even at full volume.

I can’t see any shrink wrap attached.

I then got an additional Chime 2 for upstairs as it’s inaudible from the garden or upstairs when the chime goes. I installed that and it’s just as low. I pulled it out and looked all over, can’t see any shrink wrap plastic. There was on the Pro but not on any of the other devices.