Chime triggered randomly constantly

We have a Ring Pro hard wired to a mechanical chime. The chime is being triggered randomly with a random rapid clacking. It is happening off and on but rather loudly and often followed by a ring that sounds both inside and outside of the house. Any idea why this might be happening? It’s keeping us up at night, literally.

Hi @Ketkoota. You may need to check the wiring for how your Ring Video Doorbell Pro is installed, or make sure that your Chime is one that is compatible with our device. Please check out our help article here for an installation step-by-step and then also our help article here to see if your chime kit is compatible. If the wiring looks correct from that guide, and your chime is compatible, please let us know so we can try to assist further!

Mine is doing something similar. It just started happening today. My mechanical chimeis on the compatible list. One of the plungers/springs in the mechanical chime conti ues to move up and down for several minutes after the doorbell is pressed. Sometimes it hits the chime and sometimes it doesn’t. When pressing the doorbell I don’t always get two to es from my chime. Not sure what could be wrong. Had it for just a few days.