Chime transformer bypass

Hi there- we have just bought a new hard wired doorbell and o have tried setting it up. The chime doorbell doesn’t seem to have power when I turn all the power back on.

I have put the chime bypass loop on the wires on the left hand side suggested by the video instructions, however I’m not sure if this is right?

Should I be connecting these two wires or should they be the two wires up the top?

This is not correct and dangerous - turn off the power immediately, and disconnect the blue wire and re-attach it to the terminal below. You have bridged the high voltage neutral (blue wire) to the low voltage doorbell. Its unlikely you have caused any damage however, but it is possible. The bypass cable is fitted at your chime box, not your transformer. Put the white wire back where it was in the top, and post a photo of the inside of your chime.

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Hi there @groundhogday . Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t think that seemed right. Please see picture of my chime box.

Also - the chime video says that extender wires are provided, however there didn’t seem to be any in the box? Should I just get some new wires for the local hardware?

You just need to do what you had previously done on the transformer to the 2 wires connected to the screws - unscrew both from the chime, and connect them together.

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