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Hi, for some reason the ring app on my wife’s iPhone has just began playing the doorbell when motion is activated. In the Chime Tones, Motion Detected, it’s definitely set on Default Motion but every time someone approaches the house the doorbell rings! It’s only just started happening, it’s fine on my phone and the iPad, etc, so not sure what the problem could be? would appreciate any help.

The problem does not come from the chime but from the device notifications (in this case the Doorbell)
Try looking on your wife’s phone if in Device Settings (Doorbell) > Notification Settings > App Notification Sounds > Motion > Silent.
You have to be careful because there are two settings (Ringtones and Movements) :blush:

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If I’ve found it correctly, the RINGS is set on Ring Default (play 2 x) & the MOTION is set on Ring Default atm. Should I change the first to silent?

Hi @marmaduke76. The App Alert Tone for Rings controls the tone that is played when someone rings the Doorbell, and the Motions tab controls the tone that is played when your Doorbell detects motion. If your wife does not want an alert tone played when motion is detected, you would need to toggle that one to Silent. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

sorry for my late response, yes just change the motion notification to silent! :smile:

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