Chime Pro finds Ring doorbell but won't connect it to chime pro network

I purchased a Chime Pro because one of my doorbells has a poor connection. I plugged in the Chime Pro to an outlet right by the doorbell, connected it to the app and network just fine and it has a good signal.

When I go into the Chime Pro and try to connect the doorbell to the network it fails repeatedly.

Every time it says “searching for ring doorbell”, “ring doorbell found”, and then after 3 minutes or so the app says it could not connect to the doorbell.

To get rid of any “interference” issues, I got an extension cord and put the Chime Pro directly on the doorbell outside, and it would still not connect, though it verbally states that it finds it every time.

What could be the issue? These products are so frustrating.

The doorbell connects to the wifi’s poor signal fine, but not the new Chime Pro’s better network signal.

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The best way to get these Ring devices to connect will be to bring them closer to your router. This will help the Chime Pro extend wifi connection, and for your Video Doorbell to connect quicker. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device. For Chime Pros or Video Doorbells that support 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks, I recommend using the 2.4 Ghz network for optimal connection in most environments.

Suggesting you move the doorbell closer to the router is a useless solution because people have physically installed and connected the doorbell to the door frame! Likewise most people cannot move their router very much as it’s connected to the cable provided by the ISP where it enters the home. This isn’t just a network cable, so you can’t even use a longer network cable as an extension temporarily, assuming you even have one.

The whole point of the Chime Pro range extension unit is supposed to be that it increases the range of network coverage to get around this poor signal issue. If you need to have your Chime unit, door bell and router all together for setup to work then it needs to be made very clear in marketing that you need to do all setup before installation. For the vast majority of non-technically minded consumers this is all just far too complicated, time consuming and fiddly to deal with. It’s marketed as being very user friendly and easy to set up, which clearly isn’t the case!