Chime no longer sounding after upgrade

I’ve upgraded my gen1 doorbell to a doorbell 4. Same hardwiring for both, being connect to chime Legrand 41627. With my gen1, when someone rang, the Legrand chime sounded, now with the doorbell 4 in the exactly same set up the Legrand chime no longer sounds .

Other difference : the live feed no longer comes up on my echo shows (8 and 2) when someone rings only a notification but this may be an Alexa bug.

Hi, i was able to confirm that your chime kit is compatible with a ring video doorbell 4 . you can try to check this settings.

three lines.
select the front door(or on how you name the device)
look for device settings.
tap on in home chime settings.
select “automatic chime detection” and follow the in-app steps. lmk if it helps!

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