Chime neighbour interference

Neighbour just across the road has just installed a wireless doorbell and every time someone approaches or rings it our chime alerts go off. How can I resolve this issue, please? Thank-you.

Hi @nefilim. In the Ring app, you should be able to see what Doorbells are connected to your Chime. What Doorbells do you see in your Ring app? Also, is your neighbor on your WiFi network? Do you get notifications on your phone or just from your Chime?

Hi Tom.

Only my doorbell is listed in the Ring App. No, my neighbour isn’t on my wifi. Just from my Chime. Thanks.

Hi @nefilim. Thanks for getting back to me back. Is this happening on a Chime or Chime Pro? When your Chime alerts you, is your neighbour crossing your Doorbells view and creating a motion event?


It’s a Chime, not a chime pro. We’re not getting motion alerts but we are getting ring alerts. No, their doorbell is sited about 30-40 feet away across the road and 2 houses further down the street. It just happened again as I was typing this - my desk is by the window so I have a clear view to their house and wireless doorbell and my chime ring alerted and I looked across the road to see a delivery man outside and a very short time afterwards the door was answered. This occurs a few times most days. Thanks.

Hi @nefilim. I was hoping this could be explained, but I think it would be best for our support team to look into this. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Please, let me know what our support team is able to find.