Chime Goes Off in Middle of Night


We purchased a Chime in the spring for our front doorbell and it worked fine until recently. Our chime will go off in the middle of the night like once every two weeks without having any sort of activity in the front of the house. This is very annoying since the Chime goes off and our dogs start going crazy. We never really had this issue until we started using “special” ring messages for the holidays, but even flipping back to the generic ring noise hasn’t fixed it. Our front door Ring is a Video Doorbell (2nd Gen).

My wife was at home tonight and it is actually the Ring doorbell camera that is going off in the middle of the night.

Hi @bodart3. I suggest checking your Event History to see if this is associated with motion detection. You can find your History in the Ring app or on

No, it is not associated with motion detection, it happens at the exact time that our ring camera goes through health checks. It’s the actual Ring Doorbell and the connection into our house that is going off, though, not the Chime like we previously thought.

Hi @bodart3. Let’s clarify some details here. Which model of Ring Video Doorbell do you have? The device name can be found on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Is you Doorbell wired to an existing doorbell circuit with an internal chime kit? What is the make and model of the chime kit in your home?