Chime disconnecting within minutes

Just got chime pro for my doorbell 4. Easy to connect to wifi, but disconnects minute(s) later.
I’ve read everything about restarting Wi-Fi, moving outlets, moving closer to router, etc.

I now have the chime plugged in 1.5 feet from router and12 feet from doorbell. Same thing!

I need a new chime or someone to help get it to work. Who can I contact directly? I’ve read every single article I’ve been pointed to.

Do both of your WiFI networks (2.4GHz and 5.8Ghz) have the same SSID? I’ve seen this cause more issues than it solves. If the router tries to switch networks and the handoff doesn’t work or the device doesn’t support 5.8 the connection gets dropped.

The Chime Pro supports both but the handoff between the networks could be failing.

How can I tell if they have the same ssid? If they dont, is there any way to make them the same?

If you only see your router listed once when connecting anything to WiFi then they probably have the same name. I prefer they have separate names to avoid the problems I listed. To check and change the name you need to login to your router. You’ll need to lookup how to do that with you ISP or the router manufacturer.