Chime compatibility problem

I recieved a Ring Video Doorbell 2 as a gift. The instructions suggested that it would be compatible with any kind of doorbell so I opened it and installed it. Then my doorbell would ring randomly, at any time, even if no one was at the door. When I called Ring, they helped me figure out that my Seidel Chime was not compatible and I could either buy another chime (they sent me a list of compatible chimes) or I could buy a solar charger or battery attachment so that it could operate independently from my chime. I chose to buy a new chime but the list they provided is very long, with many options being models that are no longer manufactured. When I read several reviews about these chimes, many Ring owners said the chimes did not work well with their Ring Video Doorbell 2. I called Ring to ask for a recommendation and the “customer service” person said that wasn’t possible. When I expressed my frustration, she just ghosted me - at first for 30 seconds after which she came back and claimed she had been reading my texts. Then she ghosted me for two minutes and I finally hung up. Ring is only interested in selling and doesn’t care about customer satisfaction. Unless you want to waste your time, DO NOT BUY FROM RING! I’m ripping my Ring Video Doorbell 2 out and buying something else.

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Sorry to hear about this experience @skbolan! This is not the experience we intend, and can assure you there are solutions to your concerns. To confirm chime compatibility, please check our Chime Compatibility List. If it is not there, it might not operate as intended, but your Video Doorbell should still work just fine.

If your chime kit is not compatible but you still want sound in the home, check out our Chime device which comes with volume and chime tone options! If you are wanting to charge your Video Doorbell with the wiring, but the chime kit is not compatible, check out our help center article about bypassing your chime kit. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: