Chime and iOS notifications Stopped

My Chime and iOS notifications for motion have stopped.
The Chime rings when the doorbell is pressed and iOS notification for this works but has stopped chiming for motion, even though the app shows motion instances.
I have checked that motion and ring notifications are enabled, the chime is linked, that iOS settings are correct, restarted the doorbell and confirmed the same is true for other household users in case they’d snoozed too long etc.
Running out of other things to try other than reinstalling both the doorbell and chime, which will be painful to do so any help appreciated. Many thanks.

We have the exact same problem. We also do not get any more notifications for motion detections, only if someone actually walks up and rings the doorbell. We have a Ring Pro 2 with IOS app. This just started happening in the last 4-5 days. The video still gets triggered and recorded, we just don’t get phone notifications. Motion also does not trigger the chime anymore.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! As your button push ring alerts are coming through, this is a great sign that your Ring device is communicating as intended. Please check motion settings such as Modes and Motion Scheduling. I recommend also disabling People Only Mode to see if motion will notify then. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I have the same exact issue only the past few days. This is driving me nuts. Please let me know if you find a resolution.

I am also getting the exact same problem. Have tried reconnecting the ring doorbell, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but still no luck. All setting are correctly set up to suggest motion notifications should be sent to notify me of anyone is at the door but haven’t had any motion notifications no for 4 days.
I can see on the past events that the motion is being captured by the ring, but the notification just isn’t being sent.
Anyone that has a solution to fix this to start reciting motion notifications again, would be greatly appreciated

I have had the same issue for about a week with my Ring Doorbell 2. It detects the motion, I can see it in the history, but I no longer receive any PUSH notifications to my iPhone (iOS 14.5.1). I do receive PUSH notifications just fine for my alarm (Doors, Motion, Windows, Arm,Disarm,etc). I have reconnected the doorbell to the WiFi, checked all notification settings (and I hadn’t changed anything to make this happen).

Not sure if this is an iOS issue or with the Ring App. Need some help.