Cheep Wall Mount for the Battery Spotlight

I was attempting to adjust the view of my Ring Battery Spotlight after recharging the batteries. I loosened the pressure ring around the swivel base as lose as I could get it. Unfortunately, even so, it was so tight the base broke off the camera housing unit. That rendered the entire unit totally useless!

I tried to repair it with super glue, but because of the weight with the batteries, it didn’t hold. This should not have happened! Basically, the stem for the swivel ball base is just not sturdy enough. I would strongly suggest they redesign it. I haven’tcontacted RING about this yet, but I wanted to let others know of the potential problem before they break the mounting stem.

Hi @RFCarey44, thank you for passing on this feedback to us! I have made sure to share this with the appropriate teams for you as well. In addition, please make sure to reach out to our support team here to work out any replacement base you may still need to ensure you are covered.