Check battery life/power remaining on app

How do I check my battery status (life/power remaining) on my app… I follow directions but my doorbell power does not show up as stated?

Hi @rdetzel! You can check the battery charge via the device health section in your Ring app. Follow these steps to see your device health:

  • From the main page in the Ring app (dashboard), select the menu lines (top left).
  • In the main menu, select “Devices”.
  • From the Devices page, select the device you want to check the battery for.
  • Once you are on your Ring Doorbell device page in the app, you will see a “Device Health” tile option.

The device health section will allow you to check the battery level, the wifi signal strength, and more diagnostics. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


? The heath of the battery just says ok. Does it give a percentage ?

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Good question! Sorry for not clarifying this. Your device health should also show a percentage amount. If you are only seeing words, try tapping on the word “ok” or “good”, which should change it to a percentage. :slight_smile:

How stupid…it’s the most important thing!! the battery power levels…and it’s takes forever to find it…so stupid…do ever test these apps with real people??

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I would like to add to this thread, it would appear for whatever reason Ring has decided hide the battery status and make it difficult to find. I completely agree, this is the most important aspect of your devices that depend on battery life, why spend so much effort in hiding it?
Unless you are trying to tell us something we already know :slight_smile: