Charging problem

I have tried charging my ring doorbell for over 9hrs now and nothing is changing, it’s like it’s not actually charging it?

It has a solid blue light that flashes 6 times while on charge but nothing else?

Any help thanks

When you say you’ve been charging for over 9 hours, do you mean the battery is still in the doorbell, or you’ve plugged it into a USB charger?
If the battery is still in the doorbell, I’ve notice that the app doesn’t update the charge status very often. Meaning, most recently I noticed it wasn’t updating but once per day. So you may just need to wait for the app to update the status. Alternatively, you could remove the battery from the doorbell and charge it via a USB charger.
If the battery is connected to a USB charger you might try a different charger and cable to see if that makes a difference. If it doesn’t the battery may no longer be holding a charge and may need replacing.

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