Charging my stickup outdoor cam

I just bought an AC adapter for my outdoor stickup cam as the solar panel couldn’t keep it charged with the limited NY sun… How do I tell if it’s charging. The battery level has been dropping daily. It’s at 22% now.

Hi @snaponlarry. Which adapter did you purchase? Feel free to attach a photo or a link from where you purchased it. Do you have it plugged into both the Camera and a standard power outlet? I’d be happy to offer some helpful suggestions once I have a bit more information. :slight_smile:

I too have same issue , i have brought this

//Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter (Barrel Plug) (for Stick Up Cam Plug-In)
it is connected to both ends i.e camera and power source , for some reason it is not charging battery sounds like it is not supported mode.
from reading other threads and your online descriptions , what i see is the stickup+battery and stickup+plugin(wired) are exactly same camera , when battery is removed from stickup+battery and with above adapter same camera becomes stickup+plugin model is this correct ???
do you recommend us to return this battery based camera and exchange for plugin(wired one) ??

second question is do you support in-place charging of stickup cam battery { stickup+battery+plugin} ?? we are looking for mode called battery backed power sourced i.e use plugin source all the time and keep charging installed battery switch to battery when power is off ?? similar to what you support with solar panel source to charge batteries.
Do you see any Safety issues like over charging if we convert to above mode i.e stickup+battery+plugin ???

just to add that same stickup cam battery is working with plugin source but only that battery is not getting charged at same time. wondering do we have to change any power source settings for this to work and charge at same time ?

Hi neighbors! The Stick Up Camera (3rd gen) has the ability to power via the compatible Plug-In adapter, and have a back up Battery, or be used only with the battery. As described in our help center article, charging the battery can be done manually via micro usb or automatically when the Stick Up Cam is plugged in. For an optimal experience, we recommend using our Power Adapter for the Stick Up Camera. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

one of you Technical support folks over phone mentioned that power adapter is not compatible with stickup cam battery and could cause over heat and not recommended to use power adapter to charge in place and only solar panel should be used to charge to stickup cam battery in place or manually via micro usb.
Also i don’t see battery is getting charged in place with power adapter.

I would like to leave the battery inside camera and connect power adapter to this camera and power only use battery as backup, please advise it is safe to use this way or do you see any safety hazards like battery blowing up due to over charge/heat ??

Of course, @garageband. Just to clarify further, when using this Stick Up Camera (3rd gen) with this Power Adapter, a charge will be applied safely to your quick release battery pack. The help center linked in my above response, and this one about the Stick Up Camera (3rd gen) highlights that the Power Adapter can be used for non-stop power and battery back up is intended. This means that you may power this primarily with the Power Adapter, while keeping a charged battery inserted for backup power purposes.

If you happen to be using one of our older Stick Up Camera models, with the built in battery (non-removable) that only features a USB port, that model is not capable of the above, and should only be charged manually via micro usb.