Changing WiFi Password

I have searched and the answers all seem to differ somewhat so I’m posting myself. In the last days I’ve installed a Doorbell and a half dozen cameras, most running on WiFi. I need to change my WiFi password and I cannot figure out how to do this without getting ladders out to reach the reset button and pulling my Doorbell off the wall to push the setup button. I can’t believe Ring would deem this an acceptable solution so what is the answer?

I just need a place where, prior to changing the WiFi password on my network I can go change it on each camera but I can’t seem to bypass the voodoo setup the app tries to do to use the phone to put the camera on the network.

What am I missing? Because if there is no way to change the PW easily as I do regularly I’m thinking all this hardware needs to get returned. I am simply not going to get ladders out every time I need to reset the password.

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You will need to do each device from what I know. Just as if I had to for each light bulb I own. Each device is independent for the other. I think the smart lights and alarm just need the hubs changed. If I had to change my Wi-Fi password, I’d be changing 52 devices in all.

I’m fine changing each device. The question is HOW to do that without getting a ladder to push the setup button.

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Sadly you have to reset the device. So you’d have to go up to the device where ever it’s located.

On some of the devices…