Changing Resolution

My Ring wireless security camera caught an event the police are interested in. It shows ok on the cell phone, but when we go online on my larger screen, the video starts off fine but then grays out 90% and gets pixelated. it does this on two different computers (though they use the same internet connection).

Any thoughts?

could it possibly be a problem with data bandwidth during recording? Or is is something to do with the larger display?

I would like to narrow down to about 10% of the screen for the area of interest. Any way to do that?

Hi @SheepLord. You can’t change the resolution of a downloaded video via the Ring app or You might be able to use a third party software to adjust video resolution, but I don’t know how effective that would be. I’d recommend downloading the video you need to share with police and then sending it to them directly. This will ensure the playback isn’t affected by the connection on the phone or computer being used for viewing.