Changing network settings

First off, I’m new to Ring. Bought two ring doorbells and installed them yesterday. Back door is working perfectly looks great. Front door works but looks like crap I thought a bad camera. But Ring says that it has a weak WiFi signal. Well I put them both on the 5g for speed because my house isn’t that big and didn’t think this would be a big deal but now that I see it it I would like to change at least the front door to the 2.4g for the better connection at least for a test but I can’t easily find where to make this change. Please don’t tell me I have to remove the device and completly reset it up just to make this simple change.

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After what I thought was a exstensive search, then removing the device and adding it back in. I found it right where it should be. As usual, do I feel stupid.

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Glad you found your solution @coolrunnins! As every environment varies from one to the next, it often can take some trial and error to tailor your device to your home. If you need any further assistance, the Community is full of helpful neighbors and team members. Feel free to also share any insights you have, or find along the way! :slight_smile:

where is the original solution - when I click the link nothing happens.