Changing Network Settings

I need to update the wifi settings for my ring doorbell but I’m not able to find any settings or articles on how to do this. The one community post I found did not really state how it was done. I’m wanting to update settings without having to remove the device from the mount if possible.


Hey @JHartman,
Thanks for coming the Community with your request! To reconnect your Ring device back to your network when it is showing offline or there is a new network to connect to, please take these steps:
· Open up the Ring app and go to the main menu at the top left
· Select Devices and then the device you need to reconnect to WiFi or change the network on
· Tap on Device Health and then Reconnect/Change WiFi Network.

Thanks for flagging this, I’ve taken your feedback and will getting this information built into our Help Center and help out other neighbors with the same question.

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Thank you!!! I apparently missed the option 100%!

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I just changed my home wifi address and when I follow the instructions I do not see the option to change network settings under Network - only Signal Strength and Network Name. I have two Spotlight Cameras. Is there a different way to handle two cameras? Thank you!!

Hi @bvasel900. You can only reconnect the device from the owner’s account, so it sounds like you’re listed as a shared user. I recommend logging into the owner’s account and you should see the options you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

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Hi Chelsea,

Thank you very much for the solution. I completely forgot that my wife is the owner of the Ring account. I saw exactly what I needed on her phone and was quickly able to make the needed change. I appreciate your assistance.

Thank you!!

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I get to the “Change Wi-Fi” option when it says “Ring” wants to Join Wi-Fi Network “Ring-416ea9.” This is not my network. If I try to join, I’m denied, and my new household network isn’t offered. Any idea what I need to do next?


Hi @JennyK256! Each time you setup a Ring device the Ring app will bring you through a secure setup including pairing the app with your Ring device. This is done via the Ring Setup network that shows in your wifi settings. After selecting the Ring Setup network, you should then return to the Ring app to move on to the home network connection step. The home wifi connection step will then allow you to choose your wifi and enter your wifi password.

If the “Reconnect to wifi” option is not going through the steps as intended, try starting a setup in the Ring app as a new device. The Ring app will recognize the device and overwrite the existing setup. I recommend also removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to ensure it is up to date. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help!!

I’m on a laptop, and even when using a tabet; I do not see anything that reads “device health”; or anything that relates to resetting Wifi.

I’ve followed the reset directions, but they tell me to press a small button on the side of my doorbell that doesn’t exist. What now?

I am attempting to update the WiFi network on all of my devices. I do not see the “device health” option.

It should be in the the settings under Devices.
You don’t say which one. But I have a screenshot from my cam showing it.