Changing my Wi-Fi network, how to reconnect camera I dont have easy access to

So I’m going to change my Wi-Fi setup, meaning I have to first take down my old Wi-Fi, and then I will create a new one (with a different name). I’m not able to have both networks running at the same time. I have some cameras that are really hard to get to (high up), and when I change my Wi-Fi, the cameras will not be able to connect any more. Will I be able to reconnect them in an easy way without having to physically touch the cameras? I assume the app will no longer be able to access the camera, and the camera will not be in setup mode, meaning the app will not be able to connect to it?

Hi @Logical. Yes, you’ll need to be able to access the setup button in order to put the Ring Camera into setup mode so it can locate the new wifi network. Alternatively, you can change the wifi name and password of your new network to the same as the previous network, and your Ring Camera should automatically connect to the wifi network. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: