Changing address / moving to new location and keeping protection plan

I’m selling my home and taking all my Ring equipment except 1 camera to my new home. I want change the address to my new home. Searched could not find how to do this from the app. Called in and was told I need to cancel my subscription plan? I have the protection plan plus, they could not tell me about what that would me to the extended warranty that comes with the plan… So really that’s my ONLY option, cancel my plan rather than a change of address?

Hi there, @fjmcfall! You may find my Alarm related answer, in your other topic, to be helpful. When it comes not any other Ring devices, you will be able to change the location the same way, within your Ring app by visiting the Menu, tapping Settings, and selecting Change Address. This will move your devices and subscription. This can be confirmed at, by visiting your plan section, when logged in. Remember to switch to self-monitoring before doing the above, if you have Ring Alarm devices.

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I’m selling my ring doorbells with the house. I should probably cancel my protect plus, correct?

Hi @mauigir1. Yes, if are selling your Ring devices and no longer have a need for the Ring Protect Plus plan, you’ll want to cancel it so you are not charged for the plan moving forward. You can find more information on canceling your Ring Protect plan in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: