Changed wifi password, needs PIN code to change?

I have a Doorbell Pro 2 and two of the new floodlight cams. I need to change my wifi network password, but when I go into the Ring device settings, it’s asking for a PIN code. I have no idea what this PIN code might be, and Ring support is telling me I have to unmount all of the devices to get the PIN off the back of the devices. They are telling me I have to literally climb up on a ladder 20ft high in the snow and ice to unmount the devices so I can change the wifi password. Can that even be real? I have to physically unmount these things to get the pin? There must be a way through the app to just change the wifi password. Please help!!!

Pro 2 its under the faceplate on the side. Floodlights its on the back of the cam. If you still have the boxes or the instructions it should be on both of them. you shouldn’t have to unmount either of them.

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Well, I don’t have the boxes or instructions. So you’re saying to change my wifi password on my floodlights I have to unmount them after climbing up 20 feet on a ladder in the snow and ice? That doesn’t sound right. I’ve not seen this PIN code requirement before, and physically removing the devices seems completely outdated.

the code is on the outside of the camera, on the back - you don’t have to unmount it, but you would need to get into range of the camera to do it. Your alternate option is to change your wifi network details to the previous details, then you will not have to reconnect the cameras.


Thank you for your replies, however, I find it astonishing that I have to physically go to the devices to get this code. Floodlights are not easily accessible and nothing on the Ring support site says anything about a PIN code. This must be new or something, but it’s incredibly frustrating.

Does no one else think this is a problem?

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The QR code is necessary for a secure setup, but can also be skipped to manually setup with the PIN code. This QR code is often listed as step 4 of our setup Help Center articles, in which the article below will list where you can find this code.

As mentioned in this thread, the packaging, quick start guide insert, and the Ring device itself will have this code on it.

If you need further assistance with this, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I’ve got the same issue, though in my case the camera lost its network connection. Previously, I would have just done a power cycle and the device would reconnect. I think it is ridiculous to introduce new security protocols that are not mentioned in the initial setup. I’m also having to climb a long ladder to unmount the camera. To the helpful souls who say unmounting is not necessary - you do know that the back of the floodlight camera is bolted tight to the wall?