Changed WiFi Network Name, Now Ring Doorbell Won't Connect

My ring doorbell was working fine, but I wanted to change my wifi network name. So I did. I had to put all my devices on the new network, and did so with no issue. I waited with the Ring, as it’s a pain to have to unscrew it and all that. Today I did the deed, however after going through the setup over 8 times, it will not go back online with the newly named network. All of my equipment is exactly the same, yet it will go online now. I’m lost. I also removed it entirely from my account, tried adding it as new device. Nope. I even get emails now saying the attempt is being blocked, though it’s me trying to set it up again. This is annoying and a pain. Help is greatly appreciated, or I’m getting rid of this thing.

Unfortunately, I have seen that type of problem with Ring devices. (I may not have received the email messages, however.)

You may find that no matter how many things you try… it will be at least a day or two before Ring allows you to set up any of your devices – which, of course, is a real problem.

In the meantime:

  • You will be at risk because your Ring security devices are not operational.
  • You will have basically notified anyone within earshot (or eyesight) of your setup efforts that your Ring security system is NOT operational.
  • You may have seriously annoyed anyone who has been repeatedly blasted with the (ridiculously) loud announcements from each Ring device each time you attempt the setup process.