Changed Wifi and updated firmware, device online, signal good still not working!?!?

Hi everybody,

I changed my Wifi Name and Login so I reseted my Doorbell with the orange button and change with the app the Wifi for my Doorbell. Everything looked good, I got the message that the Firemware need to be updated and I did this as well. Same thing for my attached Door Chime. Both are now visible in my Mobile app, both online and both healthy.

My Rssi Signal is -45 and I got the message that the singal is good. I can configure and adjust and the Doorbell seems saving everything well.

HOW EVER, when I press the doorbell button I can hear the Ring in my Ring Device but never in the door chime or my phone! Also the even list is not updating and it looks the Doorbell cant cominucate with the server from Ring. Since I can configure and get even the device health etc. all seems fine from my side internal.

Is it possible that my Router dont allow the Doorbell some Port etc? How the Doorbell connects with the Internet and Chime?

I tried all I imagine, switched off and on, loggin logout several times etc.

What can I do to make my Doorbell work again? Before the Wifi change and update of the firmware all was working well. But since I get the message that both devices are online and healthy I am a little bit out of ideas.

thx in advance,


Hi @Floripaoliver! You’ve covered some great steps here, and your Doorbell should certainly be delivering video as intended. If you have not already, please remove and reinstall the Ring app to ensure it is up to date and optimally integrated with your mobile device.

As you mentioned checking many network variables, you might find interest in our help center article about ports and protocols. As long as video is connecting, or motion is detecting and videos are recording, your network should be communicating all other requests.

As your initial concern is in regards to sound alerts, please check the settings in your Ring app. The appropriate settings can be found on the specific device page in your Ring app. For the Doorbell, you will find notification preferences under it’s device settings. If you have a Ring Chime, the alerts settings will allow you to link devices and choose a chime tone to play. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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I did what you suggested, uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app, removed the entire doorbell from my energy source, waited a little bit. add the device again like I did also the last time… how ever, I believe the update was not working last time like it did this time. Maybe I somehow skipped the update… who knows!

Either way, after finishing the update all was working perfect and not only that. Kudos for the new software, which works so much better. for me the quality improved a lot of the video, (might be because of the router change) how ever the new features are great and all works solid.

I am from first day a backer of the original ring doorbell indigo campaign… use it the device since, have never regret a second! thx for the support…

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