change time out of web site

Whenever I walk away from my PC for a few minutes, I have to go through the whole 2-factor authentication to get back in.

Is there any way to increase the idle time?

Why do I have to do the 2 factor authentication EVERY time I log in - which is several times a day.



Hi @Will77! There is not a way to extend your authentication time out length when signed in to the website, other than remaining active. If you feel this is happening too quickly, please check on the computer sleep or screen save settings. Otherwise, remaining active on the page will help.

When using the actual Ring app, this will not happen unless you log out of the app, or are inactive for many days. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is a shame. I walk away from my screen for 15 minutes, and when I come back it has logged me out, and I have to go through the whole 2 factor authentication again.

It is not the computer going to sleep, just the website timing out.

If it would at least spare me the 2 factor authentication every time, that would help.