Change the sound of the ring doorbell

How do I change the sound that the DOORBELL - mounted outside with the camera on it - makes? I’m using the the Ring app I can change the notification sound my PHONE makes, but there is no guidance on how to change the sound the actual hardware makes. Guides on this community page appear to describe a process that is out of date now and does not exist in the Ring app, ie selecting “audio settings”, which is not currently in the ring app.

From the Ring app device settings/notification settings/app alert tones

This just changes the sound my phone makes.

How do I change the sound the actual DOORBELL makes?

I don’t think that is possible

Nevermind, @Ring just responded : it cannot be changed.

Thr £170 Ring doorbell can detect customizable motion zones, log and record video, livestream a feed to a mobile device, and facilitate p2p comms in real time - but you can’t change the sound that it makes. Remarkable.

Thanks for your help anyway!