Change Movement Notification Name

How do I change what is announced as for a movement notification. At the moment I get ‘There is motion at your Stick Up Cam’. I would like it to say ‘There is motion in your Garage’. - Same with my flood lights on my patio, I’d like it to say there is movement on my patio.

Any ideas on how I can change this?
(I can use either an iPhone or W11 to change settings)

Hello @NickWi. If you name your Camera one of the three standard names Ring has for its outdoor Cameras, which are Garden, Front, and Side, you will have an App Alert Tone that will include it saying those names. If you use a custom name for your Camera, then you will only have the option of it saying Stick Up Cam. This Help Center page will show you how to change your App Alert Tones.

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