Change modes for shared users


My partner is a shared user on my ring app and lately it has been quite frustrating as she does not have the ability to change modes to home or away when she leaves the house and i am at work. She keeps having to ask me to do it when im in meetings etc.

From what i can see there is no official documentation on if this specific feature is available for shared users. Is anyone aware if this is a feature that should be working and if so where can it be allowed?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @DJL085. Which Ring devices do you have, and are you subscribed to a Ring Protect plan? Shared Users should have access to change the Mode via the Ring app if you have a Ring Alarm system and a Ring Protect plan. We have some information on what Shared Users can and can’t do in this Help Center article. If your partner is not seeing the option to change the Modes, can you share a screenshot of what they see on the Ring app dashboard?

I have same issue. Shared users cannot change modes via the app (iPhone).

Hey neighbors, I checked in with my team on this to clarify further. For Locations without a Ring Alarm, you should be able to toggle on Shared User access to Modes underneath the Modes Settings rather than in the Shared User settings. It will look like the screenshot below.

Keep in mind that a Ring Protect plan is required to have access to Modes. Make sure your Ring app is fully updated as well. If you do not see this option, please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end.