Change in WiFi


We recently changed our WiFi name and password, and now our Ring Pro doorbell camera won’t connect to the new WiFi. I have tried all your instructions for reconnecting, but nothing seems to work. When I push the orange button on the side, nothing happens.

I must say I feel a great deal of frustration with the app for not having an easy way to accomplish this. The “Reconnect to WiFi” instruction in the Device Health section doesn’t allow for connecting to a new WiFi. Very frustrating.

Any help ould be very much appreciated.


I’m in the same boat, have spent 20 minutes messing with it and I can’t even find the button on the side of the unit! I guess I need to remove the screw and take the cover Off - would be helpful if video help showed that . It tries to join the network and says unable to join ring network … seems so much more difficult than other wireless devices with the added layer of the ring network inside layered under the WiFi network , especially since I only have one ring device l.