Change default Cellular Network

I am in the UK and my Ring Alarm’s cellular network is EE (for some reason) which at my address has very poor signal strength. I would like to be able to change the default network to Vodafone UK as their mobile coverage is much stronger in my area. I cannot find how to change this option in the settings.

Hi @GR54. The Ring Alarm will route to the cell tower that it has the best connection to, but this cannot be manually changed at this time. Your Ring Alarm should automatically route to another tower if it provides a better connection.

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That’s not true at all, @Caitlyn_Ring - I’m in exactly the same situation as @GR54, my base station has connected to EE, even though there is practically no EE coverage in my area. Both Vodafone and O2 have very, very strong coverage here, and yet the base station will not switch away from EE. If I switch off my WiFi, my alarm no longer works. That’s a shocking flaw in this security system. So I regret to say that your reply is not a solution, because the base station does not automatically switch to another tower, and is therefore completely useless if there happens to be a power cut (or internet failure) at my property.

I am now really concerned about the effectiveness of my new Ring Alarm system. The EE network signal is so weak at my address that my wife and I recently changed our cellphone network provider as we could never get an EE signal.

The Vodafone UK signal is really strong here. There must be some way to change network providers. My son lives less than a mile from me and his Ring Alarm is using Vodafone UK.

Can you send me another SIM card or reset my system as EE is not acceptable here?

@GR54 This is the Ring Community, a neighbor-to-neighbor support forum where I, other members of my team, or other neighbors can help with tips or tricks for your Ring devices. Anything else beyond that will have to be looked into by our support team. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here to further look into your concern. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

@GR54 I spoke to the technical team at Ring Alarm Support - they told me that I would need to give up and return the alarm system, as they would not and could not “reset the SIM” to allow it another chance to find a strong cellular signal. All I can recommend is that you try taking the base station to your son’s house, performing a factory reset, hope it picks up a Vodafone signal, then take it back to your own home and hope that it remains on the Vodafone signal. I’m in the same boat, and Ring seem completely unwilling to help.