Change alert tone without installing Linked Chimes

I was unable to change my alert tones so I “updated” the app. The new app won’t let me change my alert sounds without uninstalling the doorbell in order to push the orange button. I really don’t want to have to bother to uninstall it and reset the device. Why is Ring causing all this bother? Please give me my old app back with simple alert tones.

Hey @iHateTheNewRingApp. If your app is prompting you to re-setup the Doorbell, it sounds like the Doorbell is offline. If your device is offline, you will unable to make changes on the device, as it needs to be communicating to your internet in order to take any updates/changes to the tones that will play from it. I recommend to make sure your device is online and functioning first, and then going into the settings to change it. If you see the device is online and still asking you to set it up, please reach out to our support team here.

No, you’re wrong. The doorbell is not offline.

@iHateTheNewRingApp Thanks for getting back to me! Can you attach a screenshot of the prompt your get when trying to change the alert tone? I want to make sure I’m fully understanding what is happening so I can better assist you.

I just want the old app back. I don’t want to have to use “Linked Chimes”

@iHateTheNewRingApp I apologize if there was ever any confusion, but the Ring app has always had the Linked Chimes feature. If you set up a Chime or Chime Pro on your account, you will automatically see the prompt for Linked Chimes show up on any Doorbells or Cameras. You do not have to use this feature, so I recommend to go into the Linked Chimes settings and turn off any chime sounds you have for Motion Detected and/or Doorbell Ring. This will help you avoid using the Linked Chimes feature and turn it off. :slight_smile: