Certified Refurbished Warranty

Does anyone know what the warranty is on Certified Refurbished items? I am looking at the flood light camera but I cannot see anything about warranty. Is it the same as new?

Also, does anyone know were they ship from? I am in Canada and don’t want to get hit with duties if they are coming from the US.

Thanks in advance.


Great question @Xpdite! The standard warranty applies to devices that are purchased as new, or without a previous owner. This applies to a certified refurbished device purchased from Ring.com.

Subscribing to our Protect Plus Plan will also extend the warranty for as long as the plan remains active, and is not cancelled. Resold, used, or pre-owned Ring devices are not covered under warranty, and subscribing will not add a warranty to these devices. Learn more at Ring.com/warranty. Smiley Happy

honestly, you will get screwed no matter where you get it. Refurbished or new this company always makes their money. a warranty is $10 dollars a month. Do the math and you can purchase a brand new device at that rate. There is no repair service if something goes wrong either. So the true cost of what these devices are not what you pay up front for the device… it is if youve read that it is only a 1 year warranty and if you sign up for the protection plan. So if you get a ring device for $100 add $10 per month in one year it is $220. Not sure about you but it makes more sense to hire an electrician and get a real surveillence system with a quality product with a wayyyyy longer life span. My spotlight cam lasted 1 year and a half …HOW CONVENIENT!

I recently bought a certified refurb floodlight cam. Well, 2 cust svc calls later, I ended up sending it back since the recommendations didn’t work to fix the camera. I’m out $5 for shipping, but whatever, at least I’m not stuck with the broken camera. Probably won’t try a refurb again.

If you are on Protect Plus plan, do you still have to pay the $5 shipping deductable to send back a camera?

I bought refurbished floodlight …worked perfect looked perfect in original packaging…
I don’t know about the warranty without protect plus. I do know that I have the alarm monitoring it includes the factory warranty on all ring products. And it is the cheapest monitoring at $10 / mnth or if you pay $100 for the year all at once and that comes to $8.33 a mnth. that also includes all cameras recorded for 60 days. great deal

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I purchased a certified refurbished security cam off Amazon. Where it is clearly stated in the listing that the warrant is good for 1 year. It’s been less than 1 year and I cannot get the camera to work. I have called customer service 3 times and was told it’s not covered under warranty. I’d like either the camera to be replaced or I want my money back! This camera never worked! This is the worse customer service I have experienced.