Cellular backup with AT&T microcell

I live in an area with very poor cellular coverage and require a “microcell” to get service. The microcell requires registration of phone numbers authorized to access. How can I find a number for my Ring Base to authorize it on the microcell so that it can access the cell network in the event of going on backup. Without the microcell, I have 1 bar or less of cell service.

Hi @Mrbillz. At this time there is not a way to use a microcell with the Ring Alarm Base Station as the Base Station’s connected cannot be rerouted like the phone’s connection would be to the microcell. In addition, the microcell uses ethernet to boost cell signal, so when the power goes out, the ethernet goes out as well, meaning your cellular booster is out as well, and possibly leaving you with a little to none signal on the alarm. Hope this helps clear this up for you! :slight_smile: