Cellular backup coverage

Does anyone have any experience with the cellular backup in Europe (I live in Belgium). Does it work well ? What features are available when internet is unavailable (i’m concerned about internet going down from time to time).

Hi @Eric88. Cellular Backup is only available for the Ring Alarm System. With the Ring Alarm system being available in your region, this is a feature you can subscribe to. I hope this information helps!

Thanks one more question … where can I find the functionality that is available with the cellular backup ? I understand that I can’t view a ring camera, but will I still get notifications of motion detection for example ? My internet goes down once a month and I want to understand what information I get in such an event. Thanks.

Hi @Eric88, happy to chime in here. The Cellular Backup feature is only available for the Ring Alarm system, which does not include any Cameras or Doorbells. If your wifi goes down, your Ring Cameras or Doorbells will not be able to notify you of motion detected and you won’t be able to access Live View. Cellular Backup on the Ring Alarm system allows for limited functionality of the alarm, such as arming and disarming, in the event that the wifi is temporarily down. Cellular Backup is only available as part of the Ring Protect Plus plan as well.