Cellular backup and cameras

I have a ring alarm kit fitted as well as an indoor camera.

If I had the basic plan and the WiFi went down would the camera still record and then upload later when connected back to WiFi?

Alternatively if I have the pro plan with cellular back up on the alarm - would I be able to view the camera live via the cellular backup in the alarm

Hey @R6fitness. The Cellular Backup that comes with the Ring Protect Plus Plan is only for the Ring Alarm Base Station to continue to work with your Ring app if the wifi goes out. This is exclusive to the Alarm because the Base Station has a SIM card within it that is activated/paid for when the Ring Protect Plus Plan is active. This does not work on the cameras, as the cameras are only wifi enabled and do not have a SIM card within them. If your wifi goes down, your Alarm System should continue to work, but the cameras will not as they are dependant on wifi.