Catastrophic failure Ring Stick Up Cam with PTZ

I have multiple stick up cam plug in, stick up cam indoor, doorbell and floodlight. I put PT base on 3 plug ins. Everything working fine for a year or so. All of a sudden 3 PT base plug in, doorbell and floodlight go offline. I started with plug in PT it would not connect. I took the power wire out of the PT base and plugged into the cam just for kicks and it would not connect. I deleted the camera and reinstalled with PT base plugged in to power and it would not install. I tried reinstalling the cam with power plugged into the cam only and it installed worked fine. I then plugged power into the PT base again and it disconnected. Plugged power back into the cam and it reconnected. I had to do this with all the PT cams. Then go and delete the doorbell and floodlight reinstall and all works fine now, but the PT base are trash I guess. By the way when removing power from the PT base and plugging back in the PT base did go through the initial rotation. Crazy!

Hi @timbo203. I suggest reaching out to our support team so they can go through some diagnostic tests with you. Please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

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