Cat sets alert ... political solicitors don't

Let’s night my cat walked into the driveway and set off the alarm which got him to come inside so he could eat.
Today a political solicitor hanging door fliers on doors did not set off the alarm at all.

Total useless item if it doesn’t sense people walking into your yard.

Complete waste the money buying this piece of junk.

Too many times it starts recording after something that moved left.

I have to depend on this to watch over my 1964 stubby impala?

Epic failure and waste of money!

And try to get the app to let you go into a chat mode with somebody.
I entered my email 3 different times and it kept saying enter a valid email.
That was the email and sent me the codes

Sorry to hear about this experience @Liberty! It is not the experience we intend, and I can I can assure you our devices and app are designed to be most effective. If motion is inconsistent in capturing, the first best step would be to fine tune the motion settings in the Ring app. Also, keep in mind the mounting angle and height of your Cam, as this will help with tailoring the settings to the environment.

Feel free to confirm the model of your Ring device, as this will help the team or neighbors in the Community to make more specific recommendations. Our support team is always happy to assist as well! :slight_smile: