Casement Window Sensors Not Available?

I’m considering a Ring Alarm system but 8 of the 15 windows in our house are casement (crank) windows where the screen is on the inside of the window. The aluminum frames around the screens are about 3/8" thick and Ring support told me when I called that the magnet would not be strong enough to alarm the sensor through the frame. Between the screen and the window itself is a .75" high x .75" deep channel where the sensor and the magnet would install. A 3-1/2" x 1" x 1" sensor isn’t close to useable. Glass break detectors won’t work if the casements are crowbarred open and motion detectors won’t work if I have to turn them on when I’m home such that I have to remember to turn them off when heading through an armed room at night for water or to visit the bathroom, and then remember to turn them on again. Not practical and not a real solution.

I’m older and want to feel secure in my home. Are there any other Z-Wave sensors even from other manufacturers that could be used with the Ring Alarm - at least until Ring has sensors and magnets that can work with Pella casement windows? And if not, are we then in a position to have to purchase a system from another company?


I wonder if you could have wired sensors installed. If so, the new retrofit kit maybe what you need.

Wired contacts are a lot cheaper and depending on the number of windows, it may pay by itself (other than the installation costs for the wired contacts). Ring contacts retail for about $20, whereas wired ones are $1 or even less.

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Casement windows are a lot more secure than double hung. They are very difficult to pry open. They most likely would be smashed rather than pried. So keep that in mind before buying sensors for them.