Cars on street, outside my motion zone, trigger camera at night

I have my security camera set up with 2 zones in my driveway/front yard.

I have my sensitivity set up one higher than the lowest (Person).

It works great during the day as nothing triggers the camera to come on outside my zones.

But at night cars on the road trigger the camera to come on even though the road in not in either of my zones.

If I put my sensitivity to the lowest setting (people) at night is does not trigger the camera to come on but it is kind of inconvenient to have to change this setting every night.

Hey @erspamert ! Depending on the Camera device model, this could be the large heat signature of a car being captured, or even the headlights of a vehicle abruptly changing the illumination of an area covered by your zones might set off a motion.

Understanding that your settings are set to people only, or a lower sensitivity, some environments require a little bit of trial and error to see what works best at day and at night. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I think it’s the headlight thing. Back country road with total darkness. I’ll play around with it a little. Thanks for the reply?

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Yeah seems to have started a little while ago. Floodlight cam worked fine now suddenly car lights are constantly setting off a false motion detection. It’s not triggering the lights to come on, they work properly.

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I am experiencing the same problem. During the day all works fine but in the night a passing by car on the street causing the motion trigger that turns on camera and sometimes lights too. I can understand the headlight reason mentioned in the reply but apparently this behavior has started few day ago and before that it was all ok. I have not changed any settings like motion zone or motion sensitivity. Thanks -Amol

The only thing that worked for me was using People Only in motion settings.

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I have the same problem with my Ring Doorbell Pro. There appears to be a bug in the motion algorithm. Every day at dusk when the car headlights are pointing directly at the camera, I get a motion alert. I played back the video and I don’t see the car or any headlight reflections in the Motion Zone. I do notice the IR LEDs immediately go off then back on again, so the bug appears to be that the IR LEDs are being controlled by the whole image and not by the image defined by the the Motion Zone. Changing the Motion Sensitivity has no effect. The false trigger is being directly caused by the IR LEDs and indirectly by the car’s headlights. The 2nd part of the bug is that there is no delay in the IR LED control; why does it need to have such a quick response time, when the sun moves slowly? The workaround would be to turn on People Only, but that adds an annoying delay.