Cars but no people

We have had our Ring 2 doorbell for almost two months. We made adjustments to sensitivity several times but continue to experience motion detection of the car or truck in the street yet the pizza delivery person can approach our door and we get nothing until he is about halfway down our driveway heading back to his car. Sometimes we get people as they approach the door but many times it does not start recording or alert us until they are on top of the doorbell or until they leave. We have had people come and go with no detection at all. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hey @NY2CT ! Thank you for sharing those details of your concern. Do you have any stairs leading to your entry way or does your front yard have any type of declining slope leading towards the road?

Check out our article explaining how motion works, as it may clarify some best practices :slight_smile:


I have exactly the same problem… except that I’ve had my Ring Doorbell for only 3 days.

Yesterday, a package was delivered. The Ring Doorbell didn’t detect or record the delivery person. My wife walked up to the front door (where the Ring Doorbell is installed) to get the package. The recording of her starts after she’s walked away, and is about 10 feet from the front door and facing away.

My yard is fairly flat. I have a 12foot poarch, with one step down to a sidewalk that is level with the yard.

I shoveled the walk and poarch, but none of that was captured by the ring doorbell.

The street we live on is not very busy, but it seems the only thing captured are cars, in the street, that is 45feet away. Except… it didn’t capture the garbage truck… which is a very large vehicle, doesn’t move very fast, and makes two stops across the street, in view of the ring doorbell.

I followed the instructions taking into consideration the issues describe in the article you’ve referenced.

This doesn’t seem to be serving the purpose it was intended for.


I have one step down from my home. As for a slope, it’s enough so that rain water does not pool in the driveway but other than that…no. It’s been a few months since we installed our ring doorbell and I can capture the mailman but not until he is up against the house. Why doesn’t it capture him approaching. I have better luck seeing people leaving my home rather than approaching. I now have a new phone and when I get Ring alerts, there is nothing and no one there.


Share how you have your motion zones and the field of view your device has so we can further assist.

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I continue to get motion notifications but most times there’s nothing there. Big trucks go by and set it off. I’ve have 3-4 packages delivered and this thing doesnt work. I had a zmodo and upgraded to this, wish I bought a Nest. Tried all different kind of setting and it’s no help

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Same issue

It only picks up people when they are walking away… its great if I want to see the backside of the thieves that just took off with my packages.

Some real help from the company is greatly appreciated.


We had a van towed out of our driveway and nothing was noted on our doorbell video. We still get no video of anyone approaching the doorbell until they are right on top of it and then we get a view of their stomach. We get perfect videos of people from the back after they have dropped off a package.

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Mine is doing the same thing. Apparently, I made a HUGE mistake buying a Ring Doorbell 2. I am sad–we could not afford to waste all that money. We spent $1,400 counting installs and NONE of it works right!

Im getting the same thing. Only records some people


I shoveled and no capture also. I have no stairs

I’ve made some changes to my configuration that may have helped.

First, I now have a transformer that provides the correct voltage and amperage to the RingDoorBell. My previous transformer wasn’t putting out the voltage or amperage that Ring requires.

I also changed my WiFi antennas. I had purchased a fancy after market antenna thinking it would boost my signal and extend my range. But I didn’t follow that up by actually measuring the signal strength and rang. It turns out the MFG provided antenna actually gave me better WiFi coverage. So my Ring Door Bell may be getting better, more relyable connection.

I still see lots of cars/trucks/vans/etc, and very few people. But I have seen many instances recently where I have a video of a person coming to the door to drop off a package, or to peak in my window, or to see what brand of Smart Door Bell I have.

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I invested in the ring doorbell thinking it would be a excellent source of security. I have spent the last 12 months going up and down my driveway trying to adequatly set the doorbell in a bid not to get informed of every passing car in a fairly quiet cul de sac and actually be informed of a person instead. You could quite easily have the changing of the guards outside my house and not be aware until they are leaving. I have rang customer services and am always told its my internet speed and I need to buy this device and that add on to improve which in the end will cost a small fortune. Strangely enough my internet speed is fine on my PC. A complete waste of money. Finally when i get it right the battery runs low then when I charge it up I am back to square one again. Not impressed at all.


There are a number of posts detailing the same problem I am experiencing. False alarms and not detecting a person 6 feet in front of the door. I have spoken with the support center a couple of times and have gotten the same recommendations which do not work. So like a number of other customers I am getting tired of dealing with it and will write it off as a mistake to ever have purchased the Ring 2. If you are really concerned, how about refunding my money.


We can only help if you allow us, @whollow . Feel free to share how you have your current zones and motion settings and we can offer helpful advice. Please also review some of @Riley_Ring articles, that go into more detail about how the motion works on your device. Thanks!

Ticked off customer!!! ?This thing does not work at all. DO NOT rely on this for security or safety. As other posts have said I have tried everything. Motion is set on max, and it still doesn’t capture personal motion, but picks up every car that drives by. My car was broken into early this morning. How do I know? The guy came up on the sidewalk near my door to go to the next car and the camera caught him walking away. I walked back and forth from the street several times this afternoon. Did not get picked up ONCE! Waste of money!

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I’ve had my ring2 doorbell for almost a year. It was working flawlessly until earlier this year when similar issues to what’s posted here started.

However before that it worked fine.

Now I capture ppl after they leave. So packages magically appear or disappear. While the kids love the magic show we don’t rely on the ring anymore and will be getting something else soon

Sorry , I had the same exact thing here in USA and then was told to buy the Ring Wi-Fi extender about 160 pounds your currency and it did absalute sh… !
Great reception to the tablet, cell phone , smart T.V.'s and now the Ring Wi-Fi extender , just not to the Ring doorbell 2 !! Even though now they upgraded the software to accept just people walking up ! NOPE ! still big trucks and delivery trucks and if I’m lucky , people walking away ! if I’m lucky ! And every day I get those e-mails saying there was an issue with the Ring devises at the Main system , but the problem has been fixed or they are working on it ! It used to work somewhat okay just gets worse every few months , now it don’t really want to work at all when I want to open live view just spins , I have yet to open live view for the past 30 attemps ! And I pay the $3.00 a month for their support help and video storage, but yet to be able to use it , because there is never video to save!!

My ring doorbell records the postman entering and passing my door, he delivers and he rang my bell seemingly leaving a package at my door.

I get home no package.

The odd thing is it doesn’t detect him leaving again and he has to pass my door after going to the 3 floors above.

I’m confused as to why this happens. Someone appears to have stolen my package but I have no evidence at all.

If it isn’t going to record all motion what is the point.

The article you mention doesn’t even cover what the concern is.

My zones are at max and it should record all motion but it isn’t.


Hi neighbors. When it comes to your Doorbell’s motion detection, you will want to keep a couple things in mind. One of the things that could cause a Doorbell to miss motion is a Motion Setting called Motion Frequency. Motion Frequency uses an algorithm to determine the dwell time between recordings. I would make sure that your Motion Frequency is on Frequent to ensure that no motion in front of the Doorbell is missed. You can learn more about Motion Frequency in our Help Center Article.

Also, the Snapshot Capture feature is great at filling in the blanks for your videos. Head over to this Help Center article to learn move about Snapshot Capture and how it can work for you. If you’re continuing to have any concerns with your Doorbell’s motion detection, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

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