Car dash cam problems

The only recordings that I am able to see are those when the car is parked and the door is opened or closed. I can not see anything once I start driving, no matter how long the trip is. I have my motion settings set to “Frequently.” This feature did work for the first few days after I installed the camera and as the newness wore off I hadn’t looked again until today. I am afraid I will have to send it back as I am half way thru my trial period.

Hi @DonaldS. You should be able to view drive events, which are stored locally on the Car Cam, and download a 20-second segment. Ensure the Car Cam is powered and connected via wifi or LTE. Here’s how to select a specific segment to download:

• Open the desired drive event (or select on your Event Timeline)
• Select the start location of the clip.
• Click More (…) » Download » Agree & Continue » Wait for video to process.

If you’re not able to view and download clips from a drive event, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can investigate this further. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Thank you for your response. So if I understand this correctly, The car must be running in order to watch/download a driving event? If my car is parked in the garage and accessible to my wifi I still have to start the car to provide power to the Car Cam in order to view any events? Also, I hope ring has plans to change the 20 second download limit as that is not realistic at all. Why can’t all events be loaded to the cloud like other ring cameras so that they can be viewed at any time? I really don’t want to send the Car Cam back but it is really not practical until these issues are fixed.


@DonaldS The car does not need to be actively running for the Car Cam to receive power via the OBD-II port. When your vehicle is parked, the Car Cam goes into a low-power monitoring mode. In the example of your car being parked in your garage, it will be in that low-power monitoring mode and connected to your home wifi. You can view and save local video clips at this time. We appreciate your input regarding the drive event clip length, and are always working on improving our products and services to provide a better experience.

After the car has been parked awhile, the Car Cam may turn off once it detects a certain vehicle battery level in order to ensure you’re able to start your vehicle. The device will turn back on once the vehicle is started. To control how long Car Cam stays active between drives, you can change the Vehicle Battery Usage setting in the Ring app. This setting allows you to determine how soon Car Cam shuts off based on your driving behavior, battery age, and the environment. I hope this helps answer your questions.

There is another massive thread on this, and I’m seeing it on one of my cars. The camera turns off within 5 minutes of the engine being turned off. Ring you seriously need to change this threshold setting or let customers adjust it. The device is useless if it only stays on for 5 mins after the engine is off.

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