Car Camera Connection Issue

I recently received my car cam. I already have a doorbell and 3 light cams setup around my home. I’ve been through the setup steps before. With the car cam, I reach the ‘connecting to device step’ right after connecting to the ‘ring’ network the device generates and it never moves past that step. Anyone else having this issue. I’m close to just returning it to not have to deal with the hassle.

Hi @sub780lime. The Ring network is a temporary network created during the setup process that you should see listed in the wifi networks on your phone. If you can select this setup network to connect to, but it’s not successfully connecting, reboot your phone by shutting it down and powering it back on. If you’re on Android, adjust the Smart Network Switch setting before attempting the setup process again. Sometimes using a different smartphone or tablet, if you have access to one, can help with setup issues as well.

Should none of the above recommendations work, try performing a 7-8 second reboot on the Car Cam by holding down the button on top. Then initiate the setup process again in the Ring app. If it still doesn’t connect, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was getting ready to try it when I thought I should see if the camera even fits between my windshield and dash. Lo and behold, it doesn’t. My Audi Q5 isn’t listed on the incompatibility list, but there’s no way this camera slots into the gap on them. Looks like I am returning it, sadly.

@sub780lime I’m sorry to hear the Car Cam doesn’t fit your vehicle’s dashboard. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to my team so they’re aware of the incompatibility. What year is your vehicle?

I no nothing, but had the problem and I found I was not close enough to the home Wi-fi for setup. So seems so much of these questions about car cam are due to the lack of information provided to the buyers. I look at the info and nothing is there. The setup guide on your phone is great, but nothing is explained. As a writer of info in a past life, I find this strange. Old time, but when you spent the money we did on this product, it would have come with a book, and that is why Ring is getting backlash.

The main issue I am having with the car camera is not being able to load and view videos if my car is off and parked. We should be able to view videos when the car is off and review past videos from the day

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