Car Cam turns off too soon

I put the new car cam in a Lexus CT200h Hybrid. One of the features that I thought would be great to have is to monitor the car when I am parked and not driving the car. In fact, you have a video selling the feature of recording your car being hit while parked. Low and behold, the disappointment is that the car cam turns off ecause of low battery usually about an hour after I parked the car. This is even when I drive for 26 miles/1/2 hour. The car is a hybrid so I know that it has a lot of battery. This is a bummer since that is one of the selling features of the car… very disappointed with this ‘nonfeature’.


Hi @rccolata. The Ring Car Cam has a power management system which will turn itself off in advance of ever depleting the vehicle’s battery. When your vehicle is parked, the Car Cam goes into a low-power monitoring mode. After a drive, the Car Cam may turn off once it detects a certain vehicle battery level in order to ensure you’re able to start your vehicle. The device will turn back on once the vehicle is started. To control how long the Car Cam stays active between drives, you can change the Vehicle Battery Usage setting in the Ring app. This setting allows you to determine how soon Car Cam shuts off based on your driving behavior, battery age, and the environment.

It’s not recommend you use Car Cam if your vehicle’s battery is past its service life. Here are a few battery life tips:

• Vehicles need to be driven at highway speeds now and then to keep the battery charged.
• If the Car Cam turns off too quickly, raise its Vehicle Battery Usage setting.
• If the vehicle won’t be used for a while, unplug accessories like the Car Cam to protect its battery.

If this concern persists after adjusting the Vehicle Battery Usage setting and ensuring your battery is sufficiently charged, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I talked to you guys already and this is the standard answer. I have the vehicle Battery Usage at High. I have a hybrid car and I drive it every day for 1/2 hour in the am and 1/2 hour in the pm and since it is a hybrid… it should have a sh*t load of battery. Again, I say this is a bummer. It shouldn’t turn off as I want it to record when parked. Please check this and fix it . If not, stop advertising that it records when parked.


I also have a hybrid (2021 F-150) and, even being driven every day, the car cam powers off after an hour or so. This is not a dash cam, should not be advertised as a dash cam, and should have no subscription until the product actually works. In addition to that, there is a constant audio feedback on all recorded video inside the vehicle. On top of all of that, reviews for the product are shut down, likely to prevent truthful bad reviews. Thank you Ring for making it easier for me to cancel other ring subscriptions as well.


Hi there i have the same issue of car cam turning off right away when shutting off engine regardless of battery setting. Also the cam seats too low on the windshield and in the videos you can see half of cars hood and half dashboard on inside cam. (Should be a way to be setup on higher part of windshield. Other things that i found uncomfortable is the lack of clarity at night time and recorded sound seems to paused avery 5 seconds


The car cam turns off 10 minutes after I park. It doesn’t matter what battery usage level you pick. This makes monitoring your car when parked absolutely useless. It is the reason I bought it. The front cam is not that good. Its not easy to read license plates. If I wanted a better front cam, I would have bought something else. Since I bought this for inside car monitoring, I have been ripped off. Ring is misleading with their advertisements.

This solution has not been “solved.” Telling us in a response about selecting battery level does not help. The problem is that it does not work how you say it does. Time for a refund.


Same issue here. Drive the car daily for over and hour and park up and it instantly turns off even through the settings of the cam are at high.
I have a two year old Honda Passport!

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The problem here is it doesn’t even look at the battery level.
I’m willing to bet the the “High Usage” setting lasts 6hrs regardless of your battery level.

My 12v battery is charged by a 17kwh battery pack, which when parked in my garage is charge that battery pack is being charged by a wall outlet.
With that said the camera should be able to live stream everything it sees for the entire time it’s plugged in.

There should be a 4th option to let the user decide to keep running the car cam until the power gives out.

We had people get their garages broken into recently and stuff stolen out of both their garage and their vehicle.

So it matters to me that the camera works while my vehicle is parked in the garage, 12v battery level be damned.

If I have accessories plugged into my vehicle that drain the battery to the point it doesn’t start it, that’s on me, but at least give me the option to do that.

Besides I have a rechargeable battery pack to jump start it if it gets that bad (which it won’t).

So make the software change so we have a car camera that’s actually worth having.


Totally agree this should be OUR decision (like any other dash cam or accessory)! Ring is too wound around liability! They won’t let you use it if your OBD-II port is right of the steering column! That should be OUR decision as well.

I also did some data logging… it seems the trigger point on the OBD-II port voltage is ~12.20 Vdc. This took some time to figure out. Basically, if you monitor the battery voltage (directly), the OBD-II voltage, the Ring Voltage (and current draw), you’ll end up with a nice chart of exactly what voltage the Car Cam sees. And if you tie Push Alerts to the data when it decides to shut down, that voltage is ~12.20 volts +/-0.05 Vdc. This is repeatable, too. If you keep the voltage above that point, it won’t shut off.

So it doesn’t matter what the capacity of the battery is, but rather the voltage the Ring sees. Can anyone else confirm?

2023-03-18 Update:
The Ring Cam won’t turn on until the voltage is above the 12.80V threshold (like starting the vehicle). I confirmed the operating voltage hysteresis is 12.20V - 12.80V and the blue LED on the OBD-II connector starts blinking when it trips the lower voltage point (12.20). It continues to blink (and prepares for shutdown) until the voltage returns above the higher (12.80V) trigger point, at which point the blue LED stops blinking and shut-down is aborted. Once triggered (going below 12.20V, if it never sees >12.80V, it’s countdown to OFF.

Ring really needs to move the lower point down to 12.00V to satisfy a larger application base – and make it an app USER setting like other dash cam brands (BlackVue is 12.00V by default). Please Ring, GET OVER the grip on liability and let the USERS accept the responsibility!

Ring had some time to release a a firmware update to easily fix this, but are about to fail, as many of us at the end of the return window. Nice Beta run, Ring. Hope you learned something :wink: Renewed product soon to be available. So sad, has lots of potential (see my other post in who’s sending it back). I’ve mentioned powering work-arounds (at your own risk). They all work…


I installed Ring Cam in my C7 Vette. The first few days, the camera would shut off after 5-10 minutes, so I changed the setting to max. The following day it lasted a few hours. The following week it would shut down after about 10 minutes. Today, it shut down as soon as I turned off my car. FYI, I had the Corvette dealership test my battery, and it is in perfect condition. I hope this is a software issue with the cam and will be updated soon. What’s the point of having the Ring Car Cam if it’s mostly inoperable when needed the most?


Same issue everyone here is having. I have a 2023 GR Corolla and it turns off a couple minutes after the car is turned off. The car only has 1,040 miles. Time to return this thing.


I have a 2022 Ram with etorque which is a mild hybrid and am having the same exact issue! I bought this cam so that I can monitor my truck while it’s parked at my shop. But after 10 mins to 3 hours this cam shuts down and doesn’t detect motion nor allow live view… and you can’t even pull up recordings!!!

@Caitlyn_Ring THIS NEEDS FIXED AND NOT IGNORED!!! You flagged this as solved BUT ITS FAR FROM IT!!!

Us customers DEMAND a fix otherwise we will be starting a class action for false advertising!!!

Why would we also want to pay for your ring protect plan when you can’t use the camera outside of the vehicle??? Make that make sense please!!!


Same issue as everyone else here. I have a 2022 Porsche Macan that is 7 months old. On the highest battery usage setting, it will last maybe 1-3 hours. Even after trips where the drive was 2+ hours long, all above 60 MPH, the Ring Car Cam proceeds to turn itself off alarmingly quick. Nothing else is plugged-in within the interior of my car. This is very upsetting. Updates need to be rolled out to everyone or provide us with a refund. This is totally unacceptable that it cannot stay on for even a few hours.


If the camera is off and parked will it detect motion if it is hit and wake up and record? After reading this thread it appears it may not wake up but that is one of the selling features in the video ads… I just got mine so I haven’t noticed if it will yet.
I do notice it turns off really quickly after the car is off and my car is brand new (just a year old)


Interesting inquiries about the battery. I am guessing there is something wrong with the camera reading the battery. One car 3 years old driving 15 miles at 50 to 60 MPH so the Hybrid rarely runs and camera shuts off in 30 to 180 minutes. Truck, 12 year old battery, there are two batteries as it is a diesel, 4 - 15 hours and a 5 minute remote start will extend it 4-6 more hours. Both vehicles are set at medium battery usage. I learned not to use live view, but that is an unpredictable determiner of when the camera will shut off also.


Hi nieghbors. As mentioned in the solution, if you have tried the troubleshooting steps and are still having the same concern, contact our support team to have your concern further investigated.

Ok, but my $100 Vantrue dashcam live on “parking mode” using the Fuse Box for like 2 weeks without running down my car’s battery.

Oh and I can download more than 20 seconds of footage at a time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same issue… put car cam in a brand new truck and the camera shuts down almost immediately after it has been parked. this needs to be fixed.

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Same here. I took my car to have my newish battery checked and it was fine! Also, since it is plugged in my OBD port Ring will occasionally send out a Code P1403 and turn off.

Just installed it on a 5 month old Mercedes, and yep, 15 minutes later it turned off to conserve battery. This is unacceptable. When does the return period end, 30 days from shipping, receipt or activation?

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